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Software Services

We provide Cost effective, Quality software solutions for your product and Business, like M2M solutions, ODC, Enterprise application, Android and iOS development, Business Intellegance, Website Development & Hosting, Email & Messaging Solutions, Social Media Marketting , Customization/Maintenance for existing software etc.

ODC (Offshore Development Centre)

ODC is convenient option to increase productivity, reduce operating cost and hassle free business management. ODC is the mostly preferred option these days, because of its advantages, such as,

  • Allowing Customers to focus on business domain with software side managed by ODC
  • Convenience to reduce or increase ODC staff, as per the need.
  • Cost effectiveness as compared to full time development.

TriCoSys is providing ODC services to the client based in US since many years.

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution are a must to manage business processes easily and precisely. Various business process areas need to talk with each other for information exchange, enterprise solutions allow this communication more precisely. Enterprise Solutions provide Businesses with,

  • Easy Management
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Cost Efficienty
  • Portability

TriCoSys is providing business solutions to the clients based in US and India for many years.



Machine to Machine Solutions are inevitable needs for wired and/or wireless networks and serve to improve the production and efficiency of businesses, enhance the reliability and safety of complex systems and promote the life-cycle management for key assets and products. M2M solution is todays need.

TriCoSys has been providing M2M Services since many years to the customer based in US and India.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile App are playing important roles in today’s business. They give Anytime Anywhere Access to Business. Quick and flexible Connectivity makes use of Smart Phones even more convenient.

TriCoSys provides solutions on Android and Windows Mobile platforms for business needs. Professionally Trained -Team and Experience in Mobile Application Development are strongholds of TriCoSys.

Business intelligence

Representing raw data in meaningful and useful form allows businesses to identify, develop and create new business opportunities. According to the opportunities found on basis of Business Intelligence, different solutions can be implemented for businesses that give market advantage and long term stability. Business Intelligence allows a business to improve business processes to exercise more productivity, better quality and durable benefits.

TriCoSys is working on Business Intelligence for a complex systems for many years for clients based in US and India and has good Expertise in the field of Business Intelligence.

WordPress CMS Development

We at Tricosys, develop and deliver unique WordPress powered websites, that are custom-made to meet the specific business requirements of every client.

Website Development and Hosting for Businesses

Developing Website for a business is an art or a skill. The website is going to be counterpart of the business. It should reflect the Business in real time. Professionally Developed website gives various advantages for the business, such as,

  • Identity and Credibility in the Market
  • Good interaction and rapport with Customers
  • 24X7 Accessibility
  • Opportunities to Widen the Target Market
  • Help to market yourself or your work
  • Better Customer Service

TriCoSys has developed Websites for Businesses. These Websites have helped these businesses in their transformation and further prosperity.

SMS and Emailing Services

Emails are the most popular medium of communication for any business. Integrated Professional

Email Messaging Solutions help the Business by providing,

  • More Credibility
  • Brand Value Creation
  • Professional Portfolio
  • More and Precise Control over business
  • Increased Revenue

Integrating SMS Messaging Solutions with a business makes sure that business reaches each and every target Customer, even if he/she does not use Smart Phone. Featured benefits of SMS Messaging Solutions are,

  • Immediate connectivity between business entities and customer
  • Quick, engaging and effortless Marketing for the business

TriCoSys has expertise in integrating Email and SMS Messaging Solutions with Enterprise Business Applications and other System Solutions.

Social Media Marketing

With Conventional means of Marketing getting Obsolete day by day, Social Media Marketing is new Buzzword. It is now a Must for any business to do Marketing on Social Media but it is an art to exploit Social Media Platforms to the fullest. Properly implemented Social Media Marketing helps the business in many ways such as,

  • Increasing Brand Recognition and Loyalty
  • Opportunity to reach customers all over the World
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Easy Medium for Customers to contact the Business for their needs
  • Increased Opportunities for Sales
  • Decreased Marketing Costs
  • Rich and Elusive Experience for Customers
  • Improved Customer Insights
  • facility to respond to Customer Needs Quickly

Customisation and Maintenance of Existing Software Systems

Change is the only thing which is constant in the world. A time to time change in a system is desirable and in fact most of the times inevitable, so as to improve and benchmark the system to new standards.

To preserve value of software over the time so as to do enhancements in software for expanding the customer base, incorporating additional requirements, make it easier to use, more efficient and productive, migrating to new technologies, software maintenance is a must activity. Maintenance may span for about 20+ years.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is to develop website with optimal viewing experience on various devices such as mobiles phones, tablets, desktop, laptops etc. A Responsive Web Design automatically adjusts itself according to the target device and has various advantages over the conventional static Web Designs, such as,

  • Only one website for all Target Devices (Phones, Tablets and Laptops)
  • Best and Appropriate User Experience
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Super Flexibility

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