Mailenger Messaging


Mailneger is a Messaging Framework. It will be a cluster of few forms of Messaging, such as SMS & Email. It will eliminate the need of separate utilities for separate Messaging channels, which are used for separate purposes; instead it will act as an Integration of all of them. The beauty of this communication is that it is totally enabled using Mobile Data and/or Wi-Fi and can work independent of the Mobile Network.

Mailenger serves following purposes,
  • SMS to email Forwarding
  • Exporting SMS & Contacts to PDF and sent over email
  • Mobile to mobile messaging
  • Mailneger Desktop Application which can send messages to another Desktop and/or Mobile Devices and vis-a-vis
  • Mailenger Web API which can be integrated with any type of Code to send notifications to variety of devices such as Mobile, Tabs and Desktop
Mailneger Framework consists following components,

Mailenger App

'Mailenger', An Android App, is the First step of TriCoSys into the Smart Phone Milieu. Motivated from simple idea of not losing on an important SMS when away from the phone, Mailenger forwards all the incoming SMS to Pre-Specified Email ID. Even though built around Simple Idea of SMS to Email Forwarding, it comes with fascinating features such as,

  • Flexible Forwarding Options
  • Security and Privacy (through Credentials Validation)
  • Offline Delivery
  • Back Up and/or Export
  • Multiple Recipient Forward
  • Profile Based Action

Desktop Based Application

Mailneger has a Desktop Based Component, which be used to send messages to another Desktop and/or Mobile Devices and vice versa. In addition to that, we can embed or integrate Mailneger Plugin into a Web Browser, enabling user to send/receive messages in the web browser itself.

Mailneger Web API

With an intelligent Server Level API, working in integration with all the nodes of Communication Network, ‘Mailenger’ can also be incorporated into any Business Application, which is of Server – Client Architecture. This kind of utility can be used to deliver important Notifications to respective users of the underlying Business Application. With all these inclusions, Mailenger can act as a Robust System to parallel but in conjunction with the Conventional communication Systems.

Our Free Android Based Application is available on Play Store.

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Resume Maker

Create resume for fresher's using different templates

Create resume for Experienced Candidate using different templates

Send resume to email,View resume,Delete Resume,Set and Reset Content

Resume Maker can use Diploma, Graduate, Professionals

Resume Maker for Software or Computer or IT Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electronic Engineers

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Live Social

Urbanization is a process where an increasing portion of any nations Population live in urban areas. It is a result of economic, social, educational, professional and political developments that lead to urban concentration. In a housing society people from different economic, social, regional, religious behavioral background stay under one head. Due to these reasons there is a communication gap between society members. With the help of this project we are going to make people social and decrease the communication gap in the society.

Enable communication among the housing society members using technology which can connect them in an online network and solve their issues and simplify their living. Now a days in the era of an urbanization, people are not connected to each other, so it is difficult for them to communicate with each other. Here we are solving their problem to some extent by developing an Android application which includes the functionalities like group chatting,account management,service provider,business groups, broadcasting the messages and many more

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