ODC (Offshore Development Centre)

ODC is convenient option to increase productivity, reduce operating cost and hassle free business management. ODC is the mostly preferred option these days, because of its advantages, such as,

  • Allowing Customers to focus on business domain with software side managed by ODC
  • Convenience to reduce or increase ODC staff, as per the need.
  • Cost effectiveness as compared to full time development.

TriCoSys is providing ODC services to the client based in US since many years.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile App are playing important roles in today’s business. They give Anytime Anywhere Access to Business. Quick and flexible Connectivity makes use of Smart Phones even more convenient.

TriCoSys provides solutions on Android and Windows Mobile platforms for business needs. Professionally Trained -Team and Experience in Mobile Application Development are strongholds of TriCoSys.

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development are a must to manage business processes easily and precisely. Various business process areas need to talk with each other for information exchange, enterprise solutions allow this communication more precisely. Enterprise Solutions provide Businesses with,

  • Easy Management
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Cost Efficiently
  • Portability

TriCoSys is providing business solutions to the clients based in US and India for many years.

Business Branding

Developing Website for a business is an art or a skill. The website is going to be counterpart of the business. It should reflect the Business in real time. Professionally Developed website gives various advantages for the business, such as,

  • Identity and Credibility in the Market
  • Good interaction and rapport with Customers
  • 24X7 Accessibility
  • Opportunities to Widen the Target Market
  • Help to market yourself or your work
  • Better Customer Service

TriCoSys has developed Websites for Businesses. These Websites have helped these businesses in their transformation and further prosperity.